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Easy Profit With Trendline #1

Easy Trendline Trading Strategy Simple trading system that I share this time only for the execution relies on the trendline drawn manually, and 2 pieces of additional indicators as follows; 1. i-paramon worktime, is used to provide colored areas in the range of time “trading setup.” 2. Arrows are used to signpost the trend. I […]

New Technique To Identify Support and Resistance Using Trendline

Support Resistance With Trendline This is my experience from using trend lines as our good support and resistance even we never see again news value from forex factory , but if you still need see news from forex factory its fine too just for confirmation. Usually i’ve used this strategy to adjustment support and resistance […]

The Median Line – Momentum Swing Trading Strategy

Median Line And Stochastic Over Sold Over Bought As Momentum For Entry Swing Levels The following strategy is a swing trading method developed at Austin Financial Group. This method combines the median line and the slow stochastic indicator. The Stochastic indicator is the most widely used momentum indicator in financial analysis. In the swing trading […]