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Multi Trendline System

Multi Trendline Strategy One of my favorite system, i am a big fan of trendline. Nobody knows for sure where prices will move unless the Lord of course, traders simply do an analysis and estimate only the direction in which and extent to which prices will move from the standpoint of the trading system. In […]

Isakas Method Still Works For Daily Forex Trading

Isakas Trading System Forex trading need good strategy and repeat your strategy with using the right money money management and you’ll see your money will growing up. Do you like trading forex on a trending market? I think all answer is sure. Then this system is suitable for you, old but works. ­čśë The Details […]

How To Draw Trend Lines

Trend line or in the language of its forex trendline is often called, is the most common and basic form of technical analysis. Where by this trendline could signal a reversal, retracement, selling / buying. But the fact is also much less utilize trendline trader in analyzing the movement of prices (chart). In fact, if […]

Trading The Elliott Wave Patterns

Trading With Elliott Wave Patterns The Elliott Wave Principle was popular during the latter part of Andrews’ career and he was aware of this method. Andrews used trend lines to try and take advantage of the Elliott Wave pivot predictions. The Elliott Wave Theory teaches that market trends move in five waves. An example of […]

Forex Trend Line

Forex Trend Lines A forex trader should understand how to make the right forex trend lines, understand the use of trend lines and so forth. Books about forex trend lines covering about rules, goals and benefit from the trend line in the forex charts. Trend line is a guide that helps us to know the […]

Easy Pivot Breakout Trading Strategy

Pivot Breakout Strategy As we know pivot is a median value from the trend. But, what kind of pivot based calculated? is it from fibonacci or even based only using by doji candlestick ?. Yes, both is good. Actually my pivot point usually based with body doji it self where have placed in range of […]

FOREX Trend Line Drawing Tips

Trendlines Drawing Tips A trend is a strong tendency for a financial instrument to continue its price trajectory, either up or down. Drawing trend lines for trading analysis on a price chart of any financial instrument can help you analyze past price action and predict future turning points, though you can never have 100 percent […]

Intraday Trading System Using Isakas Method

Isakas Trading Method This intraday trading system… Bollinger bands_Stop_v1..this indicator use as support and resistance n for this system..same as standards bollinger bands. Isakas Trading Strategy Rules BUY – Bollinger Bands BLUE, ASHI BLUE and STAR BLUE SELL – Bollinger Bands RED, ASHI RED and STAR RED RULES :