Fxfair Great ECN/STP Forex Broker, Heavens For Traders

Fxfair Good For Scalper

One of the best resources on getting real data feed pricing which getting directly from the global market is only from fxfair charting. We can trades on currency, CFDs or metal with fxfair. This broker have a good reputation, honest on pricing data feed (directly from global market), no manipulation on their candlestick and no dealing desk, so because of this, so many professional traders using this data price from fxfair forex broker as their resources analysis on their trading strategies before they make trading decisions.

Regulation And Specification


FXFair LTD. Registered address: Cedar Hill Crest, Villa, Kingstown VC0100, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, West Indies.
Registration Number: 21238 IBC 2013
FXFAIR Contact details :

  • Customer Support: support@fxfair.com
  • Withdraw: withdraw@fxfair.com
  • Technical Support: technical@fxfair.com
  • Partnership: partnership@fxfair.com
  • Complaints: complaints@fxfair.com
  • PAMM: pamm@fxfair.com
  • White Label Partnerships: whitelabel@fxfair.com


fxfair_logoFxfair work very hard to improve their offerings. They have fast and great support to service and treat their clients. Fxfair company offers a clear and transparent price structure without any hidden costs. As an ECN/STP Broker Fxfair provide tightest spreads from 0.4pips and fair commissions (5.90 USD per Lot), they are leading all trades directly in real time to the market without any detours. Fxfair use an interbank access to CFDs on indices and commodities as well as liquidity and spreads of the largest Tier 1 banks in the world. To make this possible we use Metatrader4 and the “Bridge”-technology which make your trades go to the market directly.

As a good broker, fxfair provides their trading platform with many kinds so all traders can trades with mobile anywhere and anytime they want. One of the popular trading platform is still metatrader 4.0 and trading platform based on android, so it would be flexible for all forex traders that don’t have much time and no need trading on opening their laptop or turn on their pc again, this fxfair provides all this kind trading platform.


The other benefit using fxfair is PAMM Systems. Yes, this pamm system from fxfair has a fairly calculation profit share, you can choose professional traders from their list so we can earn money without trading experience. Just for the tips for this pamm account, you have to choose a good traders who have low drawdown and big reward, it means ratio risk reward have to be good.

Lastly, one of the most important variable is about fund safety. Fxfair give a best condition and comfort for all traders, because all your money 100% safe deposited at Barclay which one of the largest banks worldwide. The separation of customer and corporate capital is a strict requirement by the FSA (St.Vincent). Your money is safe with us mounted on a specially created bank account and can not be used as part of measures within our organization.


Again, like usually fxfair provides rebate for all their partner with real time and lifetime commission too. Trading on fxfair is very easy, start as a little $1 with minimum open lot size 0.01lot, laverage up to 1:1000 on standard account and no maximum trades size. It’s very interesting to test trading with fxfair right. Visit fxfair account types details so you can see how good fxfair is. If so, try demo first which demo account have the same condition with real trading. I think with minimum deposit as a litle $1 only, with a honest data feed pricing we can test our trading strategy on fxfair with maximum result and you’ll get heavens trading condition because their lowest spreads, 100% bonus on first deposit and fastest execution without requote for sure. Try fxfair demo contest which held each month with no risk at all and we can get chance to win capital $2500 on first nomination. Or you can try another our



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