Breakout SDX8h

This is one of my favorite breakout system. Breakout trading strategy is one pending order means we will only buy or sell at a specified point. We even can intercept a price with buy and sell all at once and not infrequently both hit TP, realy nice …. for short-time trading with 10-15 pips profit target this system practically rarely fail.

breakout trading strategy

If you want relax let alone the price moves in advance, just wait for the emergence of two blue lines above and below the current price. Put a pending order buy stop on the line above and below the sell stop on the line. TP pairs 10-15 pips only. Usually when the market opened germany or london … price breakout one line may be upward or downward because it pairs just let the trap of buy or sell …

If you want a bit of analysis, look at trend channel Purple color as the limit price movements, Read more »

Parabolic SAR Indicator

Parabolic SAR Forex Indicator

Parabolic SAR is a technical indicator developed by an analyst named Welles Wilder (Creator of the relative strength index). SAR is shown as a series of dots placed / located above or below the price.
From a position above / below is used by traders to generate transaction signals depending on where the position of those points.

Dot placed under a price considered a bullish signal.
Conversely, points located above illustrates the price that bears are in control and that the momentum is likely to remain downward.

parabolic sar trading strategy

As we know that many kinds of indicators in forex trading, which draw from the parabolic SAR is located on the ease of use (easily seen) from the above brief description by no means a simple look ..
In addition, this indicator has another feature that is in the show during the reversal (end) of a trend.
In the picture below shows how parabolic SAR to help give the trend reversal signal. When a new point appears above the mean trend of next is bearish (down), to be sure wait until form 3 points above.
And in the next example, Read more »

Forex Trading Tool : Simple And Custom Pivot Calculator For Daily Traders

forex-toolAs a intraday forex traders, to get one of the simple method in getting accurate forex trading signals is calculating support resistance based previous high low method so we can get a pivot level. That all representative by pivot calculator so we can get accurate prize for entry signal. But all this support resistance more effective if we combined this support resistance levels with economics indicators value. Read more »

Average Directional Index

Average Directional Index

The average directional index, or ADX for short, is another example of an oscillator. It fluctuates from 0 to 100, with readings below 20 indicating a weak trend and readings above 50 signaling a strong trend.

Unlike the stochastic, ADX doesn’t determine whether the trend is bullish or bearish. Rather, it merely measures the strength of the current trend. Because of that, ADX is typically used to identify whether the market is ranging or starting a new trend.

Average Directional Index Trading Setups

Take a look at these neat charts we’ve pulled up:

In this first example, ADX lingered below 20 from late September until early December. As you can see from the chart, EUR/CHF was stuck inside a range during that time. Beginning in January though, ADX started to climb above 50, signaling that a strong trend could be waiting in the wings. Read more »

Forex Mini Broker

Mini Account Forex

Trading the forex market using a mini account is a great way to get you started in forex trading. Forex trading is a business for everyone. It offers a great chance for everyone to have their own business with the less risk. It helps people to stay away from debt because of business loan. If you are interested to start this business, it’s better for you to start it with the forex mini account. Many forex broker offer it with small deposit. It makes forex trading becomes a more affordable business for everyone. You only need to spend $100 but recommended is $1000 to open a mini account and you can get high laverage with 1:500 and the most important is you will get benefit open minimum lot with 0.01lot and for one pip is equivalent to 0.1 dollars. Right after it, you are ready to start trading currencies. This mini account sizes $10,000. Isn’t that great?


The benefit of mini account is not only that. You will also get a smaller value of one price point or pip. It is only $1 for the pairs with US dollar as a base currency. If you have mini account, Read more »

Using Elliot Wave in Forex Trading

Simplicity Of Elliot Wave

As we all know Elliot Wave is one of accurate analysis if we know to read each wave with the right value, here sample exercise below how to using elliot wave theory with the right method.

Exercise 1

At one moment you are faced with a pattern that seems to have emerged wave 1 and wave 2, until here the pattern that has been confirmed correct wave is a wave pattern is characterized by the emergence of the correction wave (wave 2).

elliott wave software

But wait, is this true wave 2?, it is still too early to make sure that this is a wave 2. For that some things which can be used as an additional consideration is:
* The nature of wave 2 is not likely to fall below the initial wave 1.
* Usually the wave 2 and 4, will bounce at the 50% Fibonacci level (retracement).

So now we draw Fibonacci lines along the wave 1. And look at the picture below, that the price has moved to a new level Fibo retrace 50%, so around that price is a prediction / signal which will be forwarded to the wave pattern 3, meaning it’s time to get ready to buy.

If you open a position, certainly the beginning of wave 1 position, is a realistic value to be used as a Stop Loss. Why? Read more »

Correlation Between Australian Dollar and Gold

australian-dollars-and-goldConsumer Price Index for Australia during the first quarter rose faster than expected today, starting a day with many important data releases, including UK GDP, the US FOMC Rate Decision and RBNZ Rate Decision. Higher than surveyed CPI drove the AUDUSD to new record, passing the 1.0850 mark for the first time.

Higher CPI was expected as the year-over-year Producer Price Index for the first quarter, a preliminary indicator of the prices passed onto consumers rose to 2.9% during the quarter, versus a prior 2.7% and an expected 2.7%.

The Australian Dollar reached a new record high against its American counterpart immediately after the announcement, passing the critical barrier of 1.0850. However after the release, the AUDUSD has retraced some of its gains on profit taking, although at the time of writing the Aussie dollar appears to be trending higher again. Read more »

Intermarket Analysis Is A Must For A Real Traders

Intermarket analysis can be accurate above 90% if we calculated all variable. This technique is very wealth. Popular single-market technical analysis indicators such as moving averages and chart pattern formations are lagging indicators which look retrospectively at an individual market’s past data in an effort to identify reoccurring patterns which can then be extrapolated into the future. This type of analysis really boils down to looking at where the market has been, and trying to guess where it is going.


Since the objective of technical analysis is trend identification and forecasting, it would stand to reason that this goal could best be achieved by working with leading indicators that anticipate changes
in trend direction. Read more »