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Forex Basics Technical Analysis

Forex Basics Analysis


Forex Basics Technical Analysis have two factors :

Technical factors:

Some people argue that the exchange rate was not influenced by fundamental factors, but rather is a pattern of repetition from time to time, so the actual direction of these changes can be predicted by using the data – data that has been past.

Psychological Factors :

Requests or offers of market participants based on estimates / expectations about future developments in the exchange rate by buying a currency when rates are low and likely to sell after the currency exchange rate rose or vice versa in order to benefit from these transactions (investments / speculation)

Currency Trading Mechanism :

Factors that influence Technical Analysis:

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Comdollz SureBlind – Mutilation Room

Swing Forex Strategy

Sometimes scalping techniques is very help full if we using in quite market, it means scalping techniques works only in asia session, closing london and midnight session. This scalping techniques of comdollz sureblind will help us to get a pips by pips on that those session.

swing forex strategy

Commodity Dollarz there are 3 pairs associated with this:
1. AUD / USD (Australian Dollar against the U.S. dollar) are associated with gold, diamonds, earrings, etc..
2. USD / CAD (U.S. Dollar to Canadian Dollar) associated with oil / oil.
3. NZD / USD (Dollar New Zealand against the U.S. dollar) deals with the CRB Index (Commodity Research Bureau Index) one of the world commodity standard.

Third pair is quite liquid and volatile besides nail friendly and trade with blinds made possible … comdollz technique is essentially part of the engineering room mutilation as a parent.

Sure Blind … Sure = really, Blind = Blind. Tried trading with minimal market analysis. Know when to open or close position position .. There are procedures that have been prepared, structurally and mechanically into a simple system.

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Forex Trading for Dummies

forex-trading-for-dummiesGet a large income is my dream. Who doesn’t want to have unlimited income?. However, I have one bigger dream, that has a large income and can be done from home. I don’t need to leave my kid. Is it possible? At first, I thought this was impossible to do, but it turned out that after learning from forex analysis experts, I found a reliable strategy to meet the needs of my family. Even though at first it takes quite a lot of time to be spent to get a forex trading strategy that can be used continuously … its mean just use only one trading system for long term… and of course with the sacrifice of money, time, and energy.  I can get both. Forex trading is the perfect solution for me. I am layman in terms of investment. But I can learn from books or from the modules on the internet. Also many forex trading for dummies modules which I can download for free.

As a trader, you have to be steel minded, because losing money is an integral part of learning forex in depth. And in the end, it is we ourselves who are responsible for studying, learning and practices day and night to understand every parameter of the analysis used, and we must combine every the parameters wisely in order to get an accurate forex signal confirmation in order to get ultimate income.

All the ability to invest was born from the ability to study consistently. I read all the instructions on hedging for dummies and scalping for dummies. A lot of people fail and give up when trying to jump in forex trading. But, I know many people can succeed and earn huge income from this. Thus, the failure of people will not make me afraid.

I am optimistic because whatever I need to learn and practice I can get easily. The beginner like me can hone skills diligently and study about currency trading for dummies and easy fibonacci for dummies. Moreover, now many websites that provide facilities for the beginner. I do not need to directly open a real account. I can practice until expert by following demo account. So, I do not have to worry about losing the money I’ve invested because I use virtual money provided by that website. Every time I can ask them all about trading. The people who manage the website will be happy to help me because I was their partner. This is what makes me believe I can succeed as forex trader.

How to Invest in Forex Top Manager

How To Invest In Forex Easily

forex-managed-accounts-servicesThe forex (foreign exchange) market, which trades in international currencies, is the largest and most active market in the world. In 2006, trades averaged over $1.9 trillion per day. Due to extreme liquidity, it can be difficult for small traders to get in on the action. However, retail traders can participate through mutual funds.

1. Learn how to read a forex quote. This is a ratio of one currency to another. USD/EUR is the price of a US dollar as expressed in Euros. The currency listed first is the base currency (usually the stronger currency at the time of the quote) and is given a value of 1. The second currency is the counter currency and derives its value in relation to the base. If the USD/EUR quote is 1.21, that means 1 US Dollar has the same value as 1.21 Euros. Read more »

Best Forex Managed Accounts Services

Best Managed Forex Accounts Plan

forex-managed-accountsForex trading is a quite profitable business. It is also more affordable today since there are forex mini accounts provided by the brokers. But there is still one kind of account you need to consider if you are about starting a forex trading business. It is the managed forex account service. It is a special account that gives you a chance to participate in the largest financial market. With this account, you can trade up to 3.2 trillion dollars daily! Isn’t that spectacular or what? Your forex accounts will be managed by the experienced fund managers in the forex market.

best managed forex accounts services

Nevertheless, you still have a control to decide whether you want your account to be established with the aggressive or conservative trading strategies. You’ll have your account managed by professionals and you don’t need to notice forex signals all the time because you have someone to do that. Not only that, your asset will be very liquid. You can Read more »

Breakout SDX8h

This is one of my favorite breakout forex trading system. Breakout trading strategy is one pending order means we will only buy or sell at a specified point. We even can intercept a price with buy and sell all at once and not infrequently both hit Take profit, really nice …. for short-time trading with 10-15 pips profit target this system practically rarely fail.

breakout trading strategy

If you want relax let alone the price moves in advance, just wait for the emergence of two blue lines above and below the current price. Put a pending order buy stop on the line above and below the sell stop on the line. TP pairs 10-15 pips only. Usually when the market opened london … price breakout one line may be upward or downward because it pairs just let the trap of buy or sell …

If you want a bit of analysis, look at trend channel Purple color as the limit price movements, Read more »

Parabolic SAR Indicator

Parabolic SAR Forex Indicator

Parabolic SAR is a technical indicator developed by an analyst named Welles Wilder (Creator of the relative strength index). SAR is shown as a series of dots placed / located above or below the price.
From a position above / below is used by traders to generate transaction signals depending on where the position of those points.

Dot placed under a price considered a bullish signal.
Conversely, points located above illustrates the price that bears are in control and that the momentum is likely to remain downward.

parabolic sar trading strategy

As we know that many kinds of indicators in forex trading, which draw from the parabolic SAR is located on the ease of use (easily seen) from the above brief description by no means a simple look .. Read more »

Forex Trading Tool : Simple And Custom Pivot Calculator For Daily Traders

free-forex-tool As a intraday forex traders, to get one of the simple method in getting accurate forex trading signals is calculating support resistance based previous high low method so we can get a pivot level. That all representative by pivot calculator so we can get accurate prize for entry signal. But all this support resistance more effective if we combined this support resistance levels with economics indicators value. Read more »