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Forex Trading – Tips For Dealing With Risk Trading

Forex Trading Tips

Forex Trading generally or often abbreviated as FX is a synonym for Foreign Exchange Foreign currency exchange aliases. In our language known as forex or foreign exchange. Forex trading, thus, is a currency trading between the two countries whose values ​​differ from time to time.

Currencies are usually traded in the Forex is the currency in the developed countries like the U.S. dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD) and Euros (EUR) . All currencies were typically exchanged or traded in pairs or called pairs. For example, EUR / GBP, CHF, GBP / USD, EUR / USD, AUD / USD, GBP / JPY and others.


Please note that Forex Market is the most liquid market and the biggest in the world. Trillions of dollars of money rotate in the forex market every day. The amount often exceeds the BNP (Gross National Product) of developed countries. Incredible. Neither party can control the price in the market for a long time but the market itself is moving.

Forex is an investment product that is liquid and international. The difference in the currency of a country that went from time to time is influenced by many kinds of factors that is the basis of financial transactions called Forex Trading.
If you’re new to understanding Forex trading, you need to understand that Forex trading has risks that can cost your capital. So before you start your Forex transactions, it helps if you understand all the risks that exist.


tips for forex trading

When you are trading forex, you need the forex market in this case the broker or market maker. So it is important to do your research on the broker before the release of your fund as a fund margin account (which is required for trading). Without serious attention to this broker problem, you could lose the funds in your account. Yes, your broker is a scam …! Then choose a trusted broker and have high accountability.

Here are some tips you can consider in forex transactions :

1. Understand Forex Risk.
Each investment must contain a risk. You have to understand well all the risks. We focus not only on the lucrative profits from this trade but also note the following:

– If you lack knowledge of the character of a currency market movement, then you will be faced with the risk of losing your money. Try to identify and learn the first character of the movement of the currency you want to be traded. My advice to beginners is to try first to learn the character of the USD / JPY. Why? because of my experience, the USD / JPY has character a smooth, slow but surely, where daily movements can be measured between 50-100 pips (points), and when there are extraordinary movements at least about 200-300 pips. The movement of more than 300 pips is to be very rare. When that happens, it can be ascertained due to the fundamental factors (news) are very meaningful, such as interest rates rise, natural disasters, and inflation rate.

– If you are in a position of market entry, then you will be dealing with your own psychological. It also can cause your money to float. This can be caused because you are less careful and observant when you enter the Forex market. Thorough and jelly is the moment you enter the Forex market. Understand exactly how to use your Forex software properly. Set the Number of LOT and Forex currency that you want to trade. Take a BUY position when the market is at its lowest price and SELL when the market is at its highest price (this is where you can learn to use some indicators on their chart.)

– If you are in a position against the Forex market. Well, you should follow the trend that is happening, but quite the opposite. Remember! You just take the opportunity with huge potential in the Forex market, is not we who determine the Forex market. So, do not ever blame the forex market is not friendly to you, but you have to adjust the market.

2. Accept Responsibility.
You must be prepared to accept any liability from your actions in Forex transactions. If you encounter an error transaction, you must be prepared to anticipate quickly for errors that could be improved to become an opportunity that generates return/profit.

3. Work Smart not Hard Work
All you need is to multiply all the information on Forex transactions. You can continue to learn all the basic techniques and advanced ones on the internet or from the experiences of seniors Forex Trader that you trust. In Forex there is no ‘cum laude’, but that is how you can ‘survive’ in a Forex transaction until your life could be better for it.

4. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).
Set your system is simple in Forex transactions. Lots of Forex indicators exist, you just select the line with ‘force’ your trading. Simple systems sometimes provide better than systems with a level of complexity that can make you confused.


5. Be Patient.
Be patient and do not rush in to take your Forex trading decisions. Forex Market Movement Up and Down, in which case you just waiting for the right time for the achievement of entry-level price targets you can reach the maximum.

6. Use Leverage more realistic.
If you have capital that is not too large, it’s good when you start trading with the best and most honest forex broker that has a higher leverage of up to 1:2000. Several good forex brokers to start trading for beginners or even professional forex traders are choose in the list below at the end of this article.


7. Must be Realistic!
Well, it is sometimes hard done by Forex traders. Do not be afraid to make mistakes or take losses. Forget your ego and Make Money! If you can generate a profit of 50% -100% for one year from your capital, it has become an extraordinary thing, is not it? From that experience, you can slowly increase your profit target. Learn by Process! Learning from the process of your own experience because of all the risks and responsibilities is not on anyone else.
8. Do not invest more than you can accept the risk!
Funding your margin account should only be done with those funds that, if lost, will not have a significant impact on your finances. That is, the funds used for trading in forex are fresh funds. Trading in Forex involves several risks such as investing in the stock market. Do not invest your life with a form of savings in Forex, especially if you are a beginner to currency trading. A good rule for beginners is to simply invest the amount you can afford and then build a ‘property’ when you have made your trading success. You should not invest all the money you have to live well in the stock market or forex. Especially if you have to borrow funds from banks or borrow here and there for this purpose. Based on my experience, you will not be successful. I dare say you’re digging the grave for your financial destiny. Trust me …! So, be wise in any investment opportunity.

I hope these eight currency trading tips can give our vision of how to trade forex wisely. And lastly, the most important thing is to practice our skills first before taking action in forex. My suggestion is to learn about candlestick basics and strong support resistance levels to get consistent money from the forex market.

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