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Multi Trendline System

Multi Trendline Strategy One of my favorite systems, I am a big fan of Trendline. Nobody knows for sure where prices will move unless the Lord, of course, traders simply do an analysis and estimate only the direction and extent to which prices will move from the standpoint of the trading system. In the picture […]

How To Draw Trend Lines

Trend line or in the language of its forex trend line is often called, is the most common and basic form of technical analysis. Where this trend line could signal a reversal, retracement, or selling/buying. But the fact is also much less utilize trend line traders in analyzing the movement of prices (chart). If drawn […]

Forex Trend Line

Forex Trend Lines A forex trader should understand how to make the right forex trend lines, understand the use of trend lines, and so forth. Books about forex trend lines covering rules, goals, and benefits from the trend line in the forex charts. The trend line is a guide that helps us to know the […]

FOREX Trend Line Drawing Tips

Trendlines Drawing Tips A trend is a strong tendency for a financial instrument to continue its price trajectory, either up or down. Drawing trend lines for trading analysis on a price chart of any financial instrument can help you analyze past price action and predict future turning points, though you can never have 100 percent […]

Easy Profit With Trendline #2

Easy Profit With Trendline Forex Strategy Okay, I’ll give again to you a simple system with no indicator that I have ever used. Why always a simple system ?…. because my brain was too heavy to think of complex systems … xixixi …. after all, a complex system does not always profit, is there a […]

Easy Profit With Trendline

Profit With Simple Trendline Breakout I want to share a simple trading system using easy profit with Trendline, an intraday trader. A fairly good system in the open position, to avoid negative floating. Moreover, this system is applied on the H4 time frame, so it is seldom open position, but once open position, profits could […]

Double Pitchfork Swing System

Double Pitchfork Analysis Techniques We can analyze price movements based on technical limitations. Pitchfork trading strategy is based on identification of high or low reversal points. By linking the two reversal points and determine the middle point as reference to draw a median line parallel with the second channel is a reversal point. By using […]

Flexible Trendline System

Trendline Basic Forex doesn’t have any time frame At the beginning of trading forex, everyone will learn about how to use charts including Bar, line, and candlestick charts, so I probably have heard about time frames such as M15 M5 M1 H1 H4 D1 right? Then you will realize that Forex doesn’t have any time […]