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How To Identify Trend Reversal Easily (Understanding Market Structure)

Today, I will share how to accurately identify or distinguish a trend reversal from a mere correction with simplicity and ease. What are the key distinguishing factors between a correction and a reversal in the context of market trends? This article will provide a clear and concise explanation, highlighting the specific characteristics or indicators that […]

3 Steps to Achieve Accuracy in Scalping Forex Strategy | 1 Minute & 15 Minutes Time Frames

I found one of the best forex mentors who was willing to share his experience in the world of scalping forex trading strategy. This method is so good that many traders use this method to get daily trading profits and it is very suitable for use by intraday traders.3 mandatory steps to obtain the highest […]

Identify Valid Institutional Candles And How To Understand Market Manipulation Scenarios

On this occasion, we will learn how to identify valid institutional candles and how to prevent them to avoid the trap of manipulating market movements so as not to be fooled and misguided in reading trends in forex trading. What Is Institutional Candle Basically, Institutional Candles often called order blocks are candles final bullish or […]

Benefits of Trading with TMGM

Best Forex Broker For Scalping With Very Fast Withdrawal and Deposit Services As a forex trader, you understand the importance of selecting the right broker to achieve your trading goals. At TMGM, we offer a range of benefits that appeal to both beginner and experienced traders, providing a competitive edge in the forex market. Our focus […]

Pepperstone Competitive Advantages for Professional Forex Traders Based on Reddit and Forex Forum Review

In the world of forex trading, professional traders seek platforms that offer competitive advantages to enhance their trading experience. Pepperstone, a renowned brokerage firm, has garnered attention and positive reviews on popular platforms like Reddit and Forex forums. Let’s dive into the competitive advantages that make Pepperstone a top choice among professional forex traders.

Easy Forex Trading Tips To Make Steady Profits

Forex Trading Tips The forex trading tips enclosed are all about increasing your profitability and they are logical, easy to apply, and work. If you want to trade forex the professional way, who says that you can’t get the tips for free? We all know that forex is one huge online market that can afford […]

Is It Forex Fundamental Analysis Works?

There are 2 types of analysis commonly used by traders, namely: 1. Fundamental analysis: by relying on the news/rumors in the market.2. Technical analysis: by relying on charts and mathematical formulas. Fundamental Analysis:Fundamental analysis is an analysis that relies on news that happens in the world market. Or that was circulated in the market. The […]

Tickmill Trading Contest and Get Real Money Easily

Hi Traders, The Forex Trading Challenge Live Contest! Have you registered yet? Join TICKMILL’s monthly live trading contest where the top 5 traders will win amazing cash prizes.   Prize money may be withdrawn by the winners. Tickmill is pleased to have a long and growing list of successful traders who rely on our high-quality […]