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How To Identify Trend Reversal Easily (Understanding Market Structure)

Today, I will share how to accurately identify or distinguish a trend reversal from a mere correction with simplicity and ease. What are the key distinguishing factors between a correction and a reversal in the context of market trends? This article will provide a clear and concise explanation, highlighting the specific characteristics or indicators that […]

Easy Forex Trading Tips To Make Steady Profits

Forex Trading Tips The forex trading tips enclosed are all about increasing your profitability and they are logical, easy to apply, and work. If you want to trade forex the professional way, who says that you can’t get the tips for free? We all know that forex is one huge online market that can afford […]

7 Notes for Forex Hedging

Forex Hedging One of the popular hedging methods in forex is buying and selling the same currency at the same time and eventually making a profit out of it. Here’s an explanation of how this interesting system works, and a few tips that will help reduce the risks. And there are risks. The system The […]

Forex Trading – Tips For Dealing With Risk Trading

Forex Trading Tips Forex Trading generally or often abbreviated as FX is a synonym for Foreign Exchange Foreign currency exchange aliases. In our language known as forex or foreign exchange. Forex trading, thus, is a currency trading between the two countries whose values ​​differ from time to time. Currencies are usually traded in the Forex […]

Find a Forex Trading Mentor and Watch Your Profits Grow

Most people who trade currency on the foreign exchange market will never ask anyone for help with their trading. If you are someone who thinks you can learn everything on your own, develop and maintain a successful strategy on your own, and trade successfully on your own, you are limiting your potential drastically. Even elite […]

10 Forex Trading Rules Of Technical Trading That We Should Understand

Ten Forex Trading Rules Before Made Trading Decisions That You Should Understand Here our top forex trading rules that will give us high forex risk reward ratio : 1. Map the Trends 2. Spot the Trend and Go With It 3. Find the Low and High of It 4. Know How Far to Backtrack 5. […]

Forex trading tips?

Foreign Exchange Trading Tips If you read the statement that ‘Forex is easy’ should not believe and throw this thinking. The result of the statistical survey states that 90% of beginner traders experienced loss. And only 10% can use forex for a living (trading for a living). The easy is how to play, but difficult […]

9 Tips To Separate from the 90% That Don’t Make Money in Forex

Tips Forex Trading Beginners There’s a general notion that 90% of forex traders lose money and only 10% are successful. With this low success rate, many try to differentiate themselves. Here are 9 tips that make the difference. The article was originally published on PivotFarm, a great site I recommend checking out. What separates the […]