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Double Pitchfork Swing System

Double Pitchfork Analysis Techniques We can analyze price movements based on technical limitations. Pitchfork trading strategy is based on identification of high or low reversal points. By linking the two reversal points and determine the middle point as reference to draw a median line parallel with the second channel is a reversal point. By using […]

Weekly Price Action Trading Signal

Weekly Price Trading Signal On EURJPY, AUDUSD, USDJPY And GBPUSD This accurate price action daily strategy make us as a forex trader not always sitting in front of our pc or laptop all the time because we have another regular task in this life. So, trading with rilex and enjoy. Here several price action trading […]

Flexible Trendline System

Trendline Basic Forex don’t have any time frame In the beginning of trading forex, everyone will learn about how to using chart including Bar , line and candlestick chart , so I probably that you have heard about time frame such as M15 M5 M1 H1 H4 D1 right ? Then you will realize that […]

Easy Profit With Trendline #1

Easy Trendline Trading Strategy Simple trading system that I share this time only for the execution relies on the trendline drawn manually, and 2 pieces of additional indicators as follows; 1. i-paramon worktime, is used to provide colored areas in the range of time “trading setup.” 2. Arrows are used to signpost the trend. I […]

Forex Trading Robots or the Human Mind, Which is better?

Automated Forex Trading Robots • Forex Trading Robots Forex trading robots, or forex trading software programs, are essentially programs that “think” for you as you trade the forex market. What these programs claim to do is take the emotion out of trading by providing you with a completely automatic or mechanical trading system. While this […]

Candlestick Basics Knowledge That Made Trading Easy

Candlestick Basics I think every trader should back to basic again on reading and understanding about forex candlestick basics strategy or candlestick patterns. So, with this candlestick basics knowledge we can more understanding about reading the market movement and how strong seller or buyer. This is one of my favorite e-book that can bright your […]

Calculating Profits and Losses in the forex.

Calculating Profit / Loss (Gain / Loss) The movement of units / lowest price in the forex is calculated in units of points / pips. The value of each point will vary according to type of currency pairs (pair). Calculating Profit Loss Based Account Types Total contract size used is in units of lots, namely: […]