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Easy Profit With Trendline #2

Easy Profit With Trendline Forex Strategy Okay, I’ll give again to you a simple system with no indicator that I have ever used. Why always simple system ?…. because my brain was too heavy to think of complex systems … xixixi …. after all, a complex system does not always profit, is there a holy […]

Trade Copier Expert Advisor

Forex Copy Software Forex Copy Trade Software or with popular name with forex expert advisor that allows you to copy your Forex Trades from 1 Metatrader Account (Master) to another Metatrader Account (Slave). Whatever manual or automatic trades occur within your metatrader account, our forex trade copier software will copy these trades to your receiving […]

Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Multi Time Frame Trading Analysis Multiple time frame analysis is that the apply of analyzing a currency combine by viewing a similar combine through many totally different time frames on charts. The advantage here is that by viewing a bigger time-frame, then a smaller time-frame, and then an excellent smaller time-frame, the trader is in […]

Support and Resistance: How To Trade Them In The Forex

Treat Support Resistance Level Understanding is the basic requirement we should have to do the thing right in every field of our life. With our good understanding we would be able to make good plan and precise action. Our anticipation would be more effective too once we catch the understanding on our hand. To develop […]

Morning And Evening Star Price Action Setup

I love the morning and evening star setups, especially at the lower time frames(1H and 4H). The high and tight flag is my favorite pattern and helped me achieve a 1:18 RR for a profit of 95% a few months back. That high RR only happened because two high and tight flags formed during the […]

Easy Profit With Trendline

Profit With Simple Trendline Breakout I want to share a simple trading system using easy profit with trendline, an intraday trader. A fairly good system in the open position, to avoid negative floating. Moreover, this system is applied on the H4 time frame, so it is seldom open position, but once open position, profits could […]

Price Action With Chart Pattern Is One of The Best Forex Trading Strategies

Best Price Action Forex Trading Strategies We need accurate forex trading strategies to make consistent profit in the forex market. As we all know forex is the most popular and highest trading market across the globe. Every day thousands of people are attracted to Forex trading to gain quick money. This across the counter trading […]

How to Choose Best Forex Expert Advisor

Are Using A Good Forex Expert Advisor If you are interested in starting a forex business, it’s better for you to look for the best forex expert advisor first. It is actually a program that is specially designed to use mathematical algorithms and scour real time market data in order to search for the profitable […]