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Trade Copier Expert Advisor

Forex Copy Software

Forex Copy Trade Software or with popular name with forex expert advisor that allows you to copy your Forex Trades from 1 Metatrader Account (Master) to another Metatrader Account (Slave).

forex-expert-advisorWhatever manual or automatic trades occur within your metatrader account, our forex trade copier software will copy these trades to your receiving slave MT4 account.

For example, you might be running a forex robot within your Master Metatrader Account, and wish to duplicate these trades to another forex account. Without using our software this is not possible, as there is no in-built bridge between metatrader accounts without using our technology. So, once again this trade copy expert advisor have function to copy trades from one mt4 to another with simple script as bridge order from mt4 master to mt4 slaves.

As another example you might have 2 different accounts, with different account balances and you want to copy your trades, proportionately, between the 2 accounts. Our best forex trade copier expert advisor has this functionality and you can trade with different risk settings.

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Best Forex Trade Copier Software Features

This Forex Trade Copier is use for metatrader 4.0 and can be copied trades in real time and fast.

Recommendation is using FOREX VPS in using this ea to get best conditions without lagging of internet connection, but it can be done too if as long as your home internet connection is good and stable. 

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— The Advantages of Mt4 Forex Copy EA —


  • Copy to one or several slave accounts
  • Copy from one or several master accounts
  • Copier without delay and can work on investor password account
  • Easy installing,setting and save profile settings
  • Works with different brokers at same time
  • Works with mini, standard and micro accounts with fix lot or follow from the mt4 master signals
  • Copier can process orders from 4-digit account into the 5-digit account and vice versa
  • It is not a problem if your master or slave account has either prefixes or suffixes, ea provide
    prefixes or suffixes parameters
  • Supports market execution and instant execution (ecn, stp, dealing or non dealing desk brokers)
  • Copies Expert Advisors trades as well as manual trades
  • Support all types of market and pending orders
    type: buy, sell, buy limit, sell limit, buy stop, sell stop
  • Reverse mode than can be adjust on slave or import signals accounts
  • Support the remapping of different platform symbols (eg, eurusdsb, eurusd, eursudm etc)
  • Synchronize master and slave trades

What will you get after purchasing ?

what you will receive afbest forex trade copier exper advisorter purchasing

After payment received in hours MT4 Forex Trade Copy  Expert Advisors directly send to your email.

Only $35

Action Now! 

Metatrader Master As Source Signals

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Metatrader Slave As Receiver Signals

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forex trade copier expert advisor


forex-copy-softwareYes once again this forex copy trade expert advisor is very good for us as a automatic traders and the best is take action by test it on your self because i think definitely forex copy expert advisor has some advantages besides we can become a forex signal provider. If you have a good scalping, averaging or any other tested forex strategy you can use this forex copy expert advisor to make a copies trade on many account at one time. You will need VPS if you wanna makes multiple trades copy trades without delay. We’ve another best and fastest copier trade expert advisor that can trade reverse from source, so just try your luck.

With only $75, you can get this great forex copy trades expert advisor by contact us to get our neteller email address or paypal email address. If you want just wanna be a follower trader you can join with instaforexcopy or from metatrader 4 forex signals providers.

Practice and discipline all the time with lot management and best part you can try our strategy in no deposit forex bonus account get free 50USD in FBS Forex or ROBOFOREX PRO CENTS Account.


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