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GMT Forex Indicator

Free GMT Forex Indicator Just want to share the gmt forex indicator to see the gmt server from your broker to get a better way of reading technical analysis for us as a full-time trader. Just copy this indicator to folder indicator from your Metatrader folder, for example …/Your MT4/MQL4/Indicators/ How to use this indicator […]

How To Identify Support & Resistance Correctly

Currency Market Tend To Follow Support And Resistance Levels, Use Those Levels To Identify Entry And Exits And Apply Risk Management As we know forex trading is complicated if we don’t exercise and we don’t know what exactly the price from support and resistance levels will reverse to get the best momentum before entry or […]

Buyers Sellers Strength – Non Lagging Forex Indicators

One of the Good Non-Lagging Forex Indicators I’ve got a good indicator from the Forex forum, The name of this indicator is the buyer-seller strength indicator is sometimes very useful while the price runs on a support or resistance level. Just for adding our parameters in our analysis before we take action buying or selling. […]

The Best And Accurate Forex Indicators On Earth

No Repaint Forex Indicators The Best and Accurate forex indicators are very important to develop your forex trading business. There are so many different forex indicators. Different indicators have different analyses and different stories. Since that, you should learn about them all so you can choose the one that is most suitable for your business. If […]

Best Technical Indicators For EURUSD Pair?

No Repaint Indicators For Intraday Scalping Forex Strategy for EURUSD Pairs As forex traders, we know that timing is everything. That’s why understanding non-lagging forex indicators is so important when formulating a successful EURUSD trading strategy. These indicators help us make informed decisions by highlighting market trends in real-time, rather than relying on delayed data. Non-logging […]

Ichimoku 360v5 Monitor

Ichimoku Trading Strategy The Ichimoku technique is one of the classic and well-known techniques from Japan that is quite complete in the analysis of market movements. It’s just the technique I show here is the result of development that no longer displays the lines of “Tenkan cents”, “Kijun cents” or “Chikou span” and “cloud ” […]

Easy Diamond System

Easy Diamond – GP Lauer Trading System A system that is very simple and does not need analysis of all kinds. During my test, its ability to be reliable with the risk and reward is good enough …. SL is always smaller than TP. (It’s a lot of people are always in search ?…). This […]

Only Profit H4

Four-Hour Trading Strategy Sometimes forex indicators can help us to decide on our forex trading activity. One type of trading system that I like too … very relaxing …. just check for 4 hours because it uses a time frame of 4 hours (H4), so do not bother to watch … profit is also quite […]