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3 Steps to Achieve Accuracy in Scalping Forex Strategy | 1 Minute & 15 Minutes Time Frames

I found one of the best forex mentors who was willing to share his experience in the world of scalping forex trading strategy. This method is so good that many traders use this method to get daily trading profits and it is very suitable for use by intraday traders.3 mandatory steps to obtain the highest […]

Easy Pivot Breakout Trading Strategy

Pivot Breakout Strategy for Intraday Traders As we know pivot is a median value from the trend. But, what kind of pivot-based calculated? is it from Fibonacci or even based only on the Doji candlestick? Yes, both are good. Actually, my pivot point is usually based on body doji itself where have placed in the […]

Price Action With Chart Pattern Is One of The Best Forex Trading Strategies

Best Price Action Forex Trading Strategies We need accurate forex trading strategies to make consistent profits in the forex market. As we all know forex is the most popular and highest trading market across the globe. Every day thousands of people are attracted to Forex trading to gain quick money. This across-the-counter trading involving the […]

Price Action Sandwich Trading Setup

The Sandwich Trading Setup The Sandwich Trading setup is a trading pattern that I love and this is my favorite trading setup. This sandwich trading setup is very effectively. There are some other trade patterns sort of similar to this but there is no one that trades this exact setup. I have found this to […]

Price Action Trading System – Give Us Steady Income

The price action trading system for intraday forex trading strategy is the most accurate to take on our chart analysis. Especially using the higher time frames on the four-hour and daily chart and looking best momentum price action signals in lower time frames. Because on smaller time frame gives us noise signals that are only […]

Get Accurate Forex Signals With Price Action 21

Accurate Price Action Forex Signals As usual price action trading strategy still gets the top level in our analysis. Today I will share about this great trading system using price action 21 based on a four-hour time frame because this H4 time frame gives us high-accuracy trading signals to follow current major trends. We can […]