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How To Get Your First Million Dollars By Investing Cryptocurrency

What Is Crypto Currency?

Today’s cryptocurrency business models are very familiar. Even some people convert their real assets to digital assets as their savings for medium to long-term projects.

So, CRYPTO currency’s basic concept is used to replace traditional paper currency and for some people, digital assets are used as their savings. The entire transaction will be recorded in a digital ledger known as blockchain.

As long we use these digital assets as saving “pure cryptocurrency” with no lending program, it will give low risk in the end, and for sure this saving method is very good indeed. But, it will be a very high risk if you join with lending program. As we know there is always a risk in every business right? This digital assets business model has a medium to high risk as well. And the risk follows based on each specific concept.

what is blockchain technology

There are a few concepts if you want to take part in this crypto-currency business. First is staking, this concept we only buy several cryptocurrencies as our savings with no contract period. Usually, this is called “pure cryptocurrency”. Digital assets that use this concept are
Bitcoin, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin, Tron (TRX), GAME (GTC), Stellar Lumens (XLM), SHIBA INU, DOGE, and many more. You can see coinmarketcap.com as well for further details. The concept is easy, we buy at deep and sell at high.

what is cryptocurrency

Second, called a lending program. Lending programs have a high risk but if you choose the right developer and founder, you can get a lot of money fast for sure. Because lending programs usually have a time contract period. Example: we invest 100usd in 300 days, it means we can get 0.5%-2% daily of 100usd for 300 days and after 300 days our capital 100usd will return to our balance and you can withdraw any time or reinvest. Once again, the lending program is high risk but if you join with a good developer and good founder you can be rich.

A few things to consider before joining in lending program :

See the road map in their program. Whether the long-term goal is a real program or not every step based on their road map is on schedule or not. The contact of the founder and developer is real or not? and are they responsive to reply to every question on their social media page or not? their profile are real or not? the education background or do they have a good portfolio or not? at least, those parameters are the keys to picking up the right digital asset.

How To Invest Crypto-Currency?

The first thing that we must do is make a deposit to an exchange called a cryptocurrency exchange. We can add some USD balance to your exchanger account by transferring some money USD fiat first then converting USD fiat to usdt, and then from usdt coins, we can buy our favorite alternative coins. Or if you already have some bitcoin balance in your bitcoin wallet, so just send some bitcoin balance to your personal bitcoin wallet address in your favorite exchanger account so that you got from your personal dashboard in the exchanger then after your BTC balance has arrived in your exchanger account so you can sell your BTC balance to USDT. Make sure you copy the right deposit address and the type of network before you transfer your Bitcoin balance as the best digital assets.

My best crypto-currency exchanger is BINANCE, GATEIO.

The second step is to convert your USDT (Theter) or bitcoin balance to your favorite token coin (assume we already convert USD to bitcoin). For example, you convert a 0.5 BTC balance to Shiba Inu. Let’s say Shiba Inu has a price of 0.0000000002486 BTC. So, with 0.5 BTC/ 0.00006648 BTC = 2,011,014,366.35 SHIB that you’ve got. Save it for 1 year at least and see how Shiba give us good money in the next years. That’s it. Simple and easy right?

Another way you want to join some lending programs is directly from the GATE.IO EXCHANGER’s official website. Let’s say the BONK coin lending program offers 75% in APR. Buy BONK then go to the lend and earn program on the gate.io dashboard platform, and wait for your profit to come. Currently, BNB’s APR in Lend & Earn is up to 75.34%! Many trending coins’ APRs have also risen to over 80%. Go to Lend & Earn and lend out your idle assets now! Don’t forget after registering with GATE.IO, save your login details and credentials in a safe place in your cryptocurrency folder on your laptop/PC or flash disk.

Crypto investors will feast on the profits from the Bitcoin halving which is projected to occur in 2024. The reason is, that the Bitcoin halving only occurs once every 4 years, with the mining reward for one Bitcoin block being halved every 210,000 blocks until it reaches a maximum limit of 21 million.

Unsurprisingly, the most valuable digital asset, Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), has also benefited tremendously. But bigger gains could be on the horizon. Even though Bitcoin has climbed 154% in 2023 (as of Dec. 20), I expect this top cryptocurrency to surge even higher in 2024.

What time is halving 2024?

When is the Next Bitcoin Halving Date? The next Bitcoin halving date is scheduled to take place at block 840,000 – predicted to occur on April 26, 2024, at 12:57:23 PM UTC. On the Bitcoin halving date – the block reward is scheduled to drop from 6.25 Bitcoin per block to 3.125 Bitcoin per block.

What happens when BTC halves?

A Bitcoin halving cuts the rate at which new bitcoins are released into circulation in half. The rewards system is expected to continue until 2140 when the proposed limit of 21 million bitcoin is theoretically reached. In 2009, the reward for each block in the chain mined was 50 bitcoins.

How much will 1 Bitcoin be worth in 2028?

Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value, could reach $300,000 by 2028, said Mark Yusko, Morgan Creek Capital Management founder and CEO, on CoinDesk TV’s First Mover. Yusko predicted while comparing Bitcoin to gold.

long-term bitcoin price prediction

Grab your chance to be the million-dollar lender !!

Lastly, we can join the lending program as many as you want. And the basic principle is don’t invest the money that you can’t afford to lose. Be Wise with your money.

Today, GATE.IO offers the best lend-and-earn program platform. And best staking and saving long-term project programs are XRP, EVERSCALE, CARDANO, SHIBA, PEPE, TRON, EHT, DOGE, ORDI, GRAPH, TOKEN, and BTC itself for sure.

legitimate mining cloud service

Or if you want to mine bitcoin, you can join legitimate cloud mining programs from HASHFLARE, GENESIS MINING (USE CODE “4UDiKx” TO GET 3% DISCOUNT ON EVERY HASH PURCHASE), and HASHING24.

My advice is to review first about their company, social media, the projects, the road map, and the portfolio from the founder and the developer. Do Your Own Research [DYOR].

Hopefully, this simple article useful and all of us will be successful in this new era of the cryptocurrency industry.


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