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Forex Trading Tool : Simple And Custom Pivot Calculator For Daily Traders

As a intraday forex traders, to get one of the simple method in getting accurate forex trading signals is calculating support resistance based previous high low method so we can get a pivot level. That all representative by pivot calculator so we can get accurate prize for entry signal. But all this support resistance more […]

How To Backtesting Forex EA With 90% Modelling Quality Data

Setting up Metatrader 4 for backtesting can be a tricky, time consuming, and a little frustrating if you aren’t entirely sure you have it all working properly. This article will guide you through the entire process from obtaining high quality minute history data to installing a separate backtesting account to importing and converting the tick […]

GMT Forex Indicator

Free GMT Forex Indicator Just want to share gmt forex indicator to see gmt server from your broker to get better way reading technical analysis for us as a full time trader. Just copy this indicator to folder indicator from your metatrader folder, example …/Your MT4/MQL4/Indicators/ How to using this indicator just attached this to […]

Trades With Accurately Based On COT Report

The Commitment Of Trader The Commitment Of Trader – COT report provides some positioning information about the futures market and it is one of the most underrated tools that forex traders can make use of to increase their trading performance.The report is compiled and released weekly by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the […]

Forex Trading Software

Forex Software Trading This lately, the world is show the significant change by some of new invention in the business. It is show how the people around the world want to move forward for a better future that they can leave for the next generation to continue. As an example is the technology of internet. […]

How To Identify Support & Resistance Correctly

Currency Market Tend To Follow Support And Resistance Levels, Use Those Levels To Identify Entry And Exits, And To Apply Risk Management As we know forex trading is complicated if we don’t exercise and we don’t know what exactly price from support and resistance levels that will reverse to get best momentum before entry or […]

Protection Expert Advisor Based Percentage

Hi again, I’ve make some expert advisor and found some idea to make a trader easy for trade using safety system based on equity protection based on percentage trailing , we can adjust percentage as we wish to get more pips with ease. This collection you can copy to folder expert from your metatrader. I’ve […]

Benefits of Automatic Forex Trading

Automatic Forex Trading The benefit of automation goes far beyond the capacity to stay away from the computer for lengthened periods of time. Automation allows for more trades than manual execution, and even more importantly, takes away the unsafe factor of non sense human emotion from trading. As evidence that automated trading is an smart […]