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Forex Trading Robots or the Human Mind, Which is better?

Automated Forex Trading Robots

Forex Trading Robots
Forex trading robots, or forex trading software programs, are essentially programs that “think” for you as you trade the forex market. What these programs claim to do is take the emotion out of trading by providing you with a completely automatic or mechanical trading system. While this sounds good in theory, in reality we have carefully to choose forex robots.

forex trading robots

The automated forex robot helps us in finding out the best possible strategy such as when to invest in the forex market. The forex automation was developed as early as the forex market had begun. The earliest computers were used to calculate profit and loss of the forex market. As the computer technology advanced, the robot became more complex and accurate and was able to perform several calculations in a matter of minutes. Soon forex automation became something that was thought of as impossible and more and more traders of the forex market started investing their money down as predicted by the automated forex robot.


We are realized the forex robots have many advantages such as forex robots can work 24 hours per day consistently will analyze market movement here means there is no element of emotion in trading forex, but if there is little emotional element means we can not say good in mental processing psychology us.

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Unfortunately, it is very easy for beginning traders to get sucked into the allure and promises that forex trading robot websites provide to potential customers. So, one of my tips to get good forex robots trading is don’t ever trust about back-test, trust only on forward test and have login detail like account trading number, password investor and server ip from their broker so we can performance in real time so it won’t loss your money again.

Manual Analysis Using Human Mind

• The Human Mind

While computers are arguably one of the most important inventions of human civilization and are certainly an integral part of our modern human society and economy, they are still not able to compete with the human mind when it comes to making a trader consistently profitable. Read about any of the traders in Jack Schwager’s “New Market Wizards” interviews and you will fail to see any of them relying on trading robots to make their trading decisions. The best traders in the world are discretionary; they have refined a sense of market timing and analysis that the most powerful computer or trading software in the world could never compete with.

forex robot versus manual trading

Forex trading is about interpreting the price action that is left behind on a price chart by human interaction with the market. Humans play out their beliefs about a currency pair’s price by buying or selling, or staying on the sidelines. There is simply no better tool to interpret this price action than the human mind; the same place that it is derived from. Using complicated trading systems or computer software to try and interpret something that came from the mind of humans, instead of using your own mind to interpret is simply not logical or effective. If you wanna use mix manual bases your manual strategy or wanna get full using ea signals so ea will works fully 24/5 in our vps you can use this flexible forex expert advisors based price action.

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