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Automatic Hedging Forex Trading Strategy

Hedging Forex Expert Advisor

Hedging is actually a common term used in business and financial business world. Hedging is also something that is usually done by the forex traders. It’s not something highly classified or confidential. To understand about forex hedging easily, you can relate it with buying insurance. If we buy insurance to cover accident, hedging in forex trading is used to cover the amount of losses that might be sustained by someone. Hedging is commonly practiced by many trading foreign exchange. It is something they can do to protect themselves from losing their profits.

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Hedging helps them to eliminate the risk of loses because of the fluctuation of the currency exchange. In other words, it will help you in minimizing your losses when you make a mistake in reading trading signals. This practice involves complicated financial instrument. It is called derivative which has two common types. They are future and options. A loss in a certain investment can be balanced by a gain in a derivative. As well as there are so many insurance coverage, there are also various options and future contracts of forex hedging. It’s probably sounds like a foul proof technique in forex trading. However, investors still need to consider it carefully before practicing forex hedging. We’ve great hedging expert advisors master 3 layer.

Hedging Trading Concept

forex_hedgingMaster ea based on pure mathematical hedging calculation step so no need any indicator and works on any time frame , example for GBPUSD we found 40pips step is secure pips to get stable profit all the time, because on every step from pending order if hit so our ea will modified take profit, even market spike 1000 pips without retrace still safe. The concept is buy and sell at the same time and ea have 5 step which can be different pips that we can set on parameters ea and the ea’s have 3 layer so if per step have 40pips so per layer we have 200pips anticipated and because have 3 layer so we have 40pipsx5x3= 600pips anticipated, if we set per step 50pips so 50pipsx5x3=750 pips anticipated and on every open order have magic number that we fill manually on parameter setting and we best pairs from our research is GBPUSD using 40pips step , USDCAD 30pips step and AUDCAD is 40pips step. Example : buy sell at 1900 which tp sell is 1870 and tp buy 1930 , and ea will open buy limit at 1860 using tp 1900 and sell limit at 1930 TP 1890 and if on of pending order limit hit one another will cancelled and make a new step from our setting and make modified tp and this happened 5 times because per layer has 5 step and on second 2 layer lot will start like step 1 (0.01) and just for information this ea hedge master have 5 steps is 0.01, 0.03, 0.07, 0,15 and 0.31 so if market have more volatile so more good to get more profit.


You can have this ea master hedge if you want and get your steady profit even market up or down. No worried again. Just attach ea ultra hedge 3 layer in your and get green pips everyday. You will need forex vps to run hedging forex ea. Just request this ea ultra hedge 3 layer and ea hedge master g-7 from contact us page if you interesting this hedging expert advisors.

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In fact, forex hedging strategy is not that simple. It is actually not a totally safe technique but at least we can use it using support resistance area as hedging level entry. Forex hedging is a quite complicated task. Whether you do spread trading or any other kind of trading systems, there’s always a possibility that things may go wrong. You can plan everything but you never know what is going to happen next. After all, hedging forex robot is still recommended almost for type of traders that have a little time to analyzing the charts patterns.

At least it will help them to avoid suffering a large amount of losses in the early stage of their investment. It’s still considered as the most effective way to protect them in this uncertain business. This automatic hedging forex trading software still need best forex vps to run it 24/5 without uninterrupted internet connection.

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