What Best Forex Trading System ?

Best Forex Trading System

best_forex_trading_systemAs a traders we found many complex forex trading system that offered to us. This made of us as a traders confused on choosing which one best forex trading system that suitable for us. It depend what type traders we are. If we scalping off course we have to searching short or middle term forex trading system so not looking for long term forex trading system.

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Forex Candlestick Basics As Confirmation Signals From Best Forex Trading System

But based from my forex trading journey, best of the best forex trading system is still using price based on daily time frame and compare with continues or reversal candlestick patterns on four hour time frame. And most broker give us fake candlestick pattern, not like instaforex who give us a clearly candlestick patterns honest candle and real. This is not promotional material, but truly based on my price action from daily time frame strategy. For more details on how we read true and valid key level support resistance from daily level combined it with pinbar and several reversal or continuous candlestick pattern visit this link.

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Why this price action daily i’ve said best forex trading system? Is because this forex trading system give us steady profit and big ratio profit than risk.


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